What are the factors that shape a person? What are the things that piece up a person? Which fragment make up the personalities? Memories are indelible. What we ate, where we went and who we met create “me”.

Reality changes. The streets in our memories might differ from the actual street. Each individual may also interpret things differently with different life experiences. The artist creates this series using the real and virtual maps from memories. The actual feeling of real experience is presented, to show the true city and time that belongs to “me”.

With the combination of maps and seal stamp, the trace of the artist’s life is hidden in the stamp. The locations of the familiar streets are engraved and presented using stamps. The various memories of “me” are scattered in the house where he was born in, the cram schools where he struggled, and the university where he studied. 

This map of memories series is the combination of maps and seal stamp, creating the memories for a certain period that belongs to the artist. The artist marks where he went and where he will go in the map. The real maps are also modified as the maps in his memories. The map section is presented with realness but some areas are deviated due to the vague memories. The architectures are demonstrated with seal engraving on the stamps. The figures on the stamps are simplified from the things that the artist experienced during the time.