In the series of ‘Fingerprints’, the combination of fingerprints, seal carving, names and portraits were used to generate a new style of self-portraitures. There are two main novelties in this series, that is, the innovative combination of the new materials and the way of viewing.

Firstly, in contrast to the traditional self-portraitures where the face of the portraiture is the only element, the fingerprints and the seal carving were also utilized to enrich the styles. The idea was oriented from the fact that these two new elements are significantly prevalent in Taiwanese cultures. For example, fingerprints have been widely made use for identifications. On the other hand, seal carving is also essential for many applications in our daily lives such as parcel registration, contract agreement, bank account opening, and many affairs in the government offices.

Secondly, the portraiture needs to be seen in a disparate way. The views are different in the presence of the light or dark room. This presents versatile information of portraiture, which is limited in the traditional methods as only one single view is painted. Moreover, since the time is required for the lights to change, the difference can only be seen with a bit of waiting. It perfectly matches the situations where time is needed in personal relationships to deeply understand each other.

Lastly, this series includes 10 different fingerprints. The portraits using the 10 fingers depict the 10-current stage of life. The fingerprint was created by seal carving. There are faces and names, representing the people I met during different stages in life, including my parents, brothers, relatives, friends, teachers etc.